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Our state has some of the most harsh weapons laws in the country that cover not only guns, but an array of blade and blunt instruments as well. If you have been accused of any type of weapon crime, whether it involves possession or use, please call our offices today to schedule a consultation with a top San Diego criminal attorney.

When it comes to guns, there are so many laws restricting their possession and use in the state that it can often become confusing. In fact, many of our past clients who have been charged with breaking a gun law simply didn’t know they were doing anything wrong. If you have been accused of carrying a concealed firearm, unlawfully discharging a firearm, illegally selling a firearm, possessing an illegal firearm, carrying a firearm to a drug deal or any other gun crime, please call a San Diego criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

Similar charges can apply to all types of other weapons as well, but some of the most common weapons charges brought up include possession of a prohibited weapon. This offense can be a felony or misdemeanor, as decided by the District Attorney. Some of the many illegal weapons in our state include belt buckle knives, billy clubs, brass knuckles, spring-loaded knives, cane knives, mace and pepper spray. If you have been arrested for illegally possessing or using any weapon, a San Diego criminal attorney from our firm can help.

One of the most common crimes charged against persons who are carrying weapons legally is the crime of brandishing. This charge is used when someone has displayed a weapon in a rude, angry or threatening manner, outside of self-defense purposes. Fortunately, this law is very open to interpretation, so your San Diego criminal lawyer can likely fight the charge by showing you merely displayed the weapon, but not in any angry, rude or threatening manner, or that you did so in self defense.

If you have been accused of any weapons charge, please call our offices today.

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