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San Diego Criminal Attorney - FAQ

Q: If I am placed under arrest, do I have any rights?

A: Yes. You are constitutionally guaranteed the right to remain silent and the right to request a San Diego criminal lawyer. You are also protected from unreasonable search and seizure by the police.

Q: What should I do if I am being arrested?

A: Be polite and answer any questions regarding your identity, but do not provide any additional information. When the police question you, insist on speaking with your attorney before answering any questions.

Q: What are my rights during my trial?

A: You have the right to representation with a San Diego criminal lawyer of your choosing and you have the right to present evidence on your behalf in response to the charges brought against you. You also may choose to testify or to stay clear of the stand as you see fit.

Q: Should I really pay for a private lawyer when I can get a free public defender?

A: Depending on your case, yes. If you have a relatively simple, easy to defend case, you might not need to hire a private San Diego criminal attorney. But if your case is more complex and will require extensive time and resources, a public defender may not be able to provide you the defense you require.

Q: If the police violated my rights will my case be dropped?

A: Not unless gross rights violations occurred, such as police abuse. In most cases, rights violations lead to evidence related to the violation being withheld from court. If the case cannot move forward without this evidence, your case will be dropped, but in most situations, it will just make the case against you much weaker.

Q: If I just want to plead guilty, do I need a lawyer?

A: Yes. As someone who is untrained in the law, you may not be able to tell if you were subjected to rights violations or if there is enough evidence to convict you, which could lead to you pleading guilty without good reason. Additionally, many prosecutors will not discuss a plea bargain with a defendant, so you will need a San Diego criminal lawyer to help you minimize the sentencing you serve.

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