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Robbery is the illegal taking of property that belongs to another person through the use of force or the threat of force. Even if you have not successfully completed the robbery, you can still be charged with the charge. This is a very serious felony crime because it involves violence. If you have been accused of robbery, it is critical you call a skilled San Diego criminal attorney as soon as possible.

The laws involving robbery offenses can be very complex and involve a number of small distinctions. In order for a robbery to occur though, a number of things must be true about the crime. You must have been trespassing on someone else’s property. You must have taken the item in question from their property, carried it away and this must be on purpose. Additionally, the owner of the property must be present and you must have threatened or harmed him or her. If all of these requirements are not meant, your San Diego criminal lawyer may be able to show that you cannot be charged under robbery laws.

Other things that can affect the severity of the crime include whether a weapon was used, the setting the robbery occurred in and the status of the victim. In many cases, these aspects can result in your facing even more extensive penalties and more severe charges, such as armed robbery or first-degree robbery. A normal burglary conviction is punishable through up to five years in prison, but if it is charged as a first-degree robbery, you will instead face up to nine years in prison. If you have been convicted of more than one count, you could even face life imprisonment, which means your choice of San Diego criminal attorney will affect the rest of your life.

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