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California has two types of probation, summary and formal. In a summary probation, you will be required to follow the terms of your probation and stay out of trouble. In a formal probation, you will face much more stringent rules and you will need to report to a probation officer. If you break either type of probation, you may need to attend a hearing where the court will determine if you should be subject to further penalties. Fortunately, you can hire a skilled San Diego criminal lawyer to help represent you in this hearing.

Minor probation mistakes, such as missing a mandatory class meeting or showing up late to an appointment with your probation officer, will generally not result in a hearing, but more serious violations will. Common violations a San Diego criminal attorney from our office can help you with include failing to make restitution to the victim of a crime, failing to commit community service, associating with a known criminal and failure to appear in court for a progress report.

In the most serious hearings, someone on probation will be arrested for a crime. This will not always result in additional penalties, particularly if you mistakenly arrested, but it will almost always result in a mandatory hearing to evaluate the severity of the crime and the evidence against you. If you have been arrested for any crime while on probation, please call your San Diego criminal lawyer as soon as possible in order to protect you in the probation hearing.

No matter what the specifics of your probation violation accusation, we can help. Please call our offices today to discuss your upcoming hearing with a top San Diego criminal attorney.

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