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Domestic violence is a serious crime that can affect any family. While there are many stereotypes regarding domestic violence victims, the fact is that it can affect people of all classes, races and religions. Because the issue is so political these days, accusations cannot be withdrawn in many circumstances, even if the person who came forward later recants. This can often lead to completely innocent persons being charged with domestic assault. If you have been accused, justly or not, of domestic violence, please call a San Diego criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

In some cases, children and spouses have been known to lie about abuse allegations. In some cases, this is a matter of revenge, in other cases, it can be a political move to seek more power in the family. When you hire our firm to help you fight your domestic violence charges, your San Diego criminal attorney will immediately go to work investigating the situation that led to charges being filed. Our goal is to ensure that none of our clients are convicted on false accusations.

Even if the abuse charges are true, you can still fight the penalties associated with these crimes. A San Diego criminal lawyer from our firm can help you show that you have entered anger management classes to help prevent further acts of violence and that tearing your family apart is not the right solution. Our firm will always seek to get rehabilitation in favor of incarceration.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, please call our offices immediately to schedule a free consultation with a top San Diego criminal attorney.

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