San Diego Juvenile Crime Lawyer

Juvenile crimes vary in category and severity, but what they all have in common is their potential to completely destroy the life of a child and his or her family.  Oftentimes our youths do not understand that their actions may be criminal, or fleeting lapses in judgment compel them to make the wrong choice.  If your juvenile is accused of or arrested for a crime, contact us immediately to meet with our San Diego criminal attorneys as soon as possible---your child’s future could depend on it.

We can represent your child if he or she has been accused of any crime including but not limited to:

It is indeed possible for a child to be tried as an adult if they are under the age of 18, depending on the nature and severity of the crime.  The consequences for a juvenile will vary.  In the state of California, juvenile crimes can result in fines, community service, jail time, or time in juvenile detention centers/rehabilitation programs. 

Parents and guardians should be aware that the California juvenile justice system is designed to protect public safety.  Our San Diego criminal attorneys will fight to make sure that justice is served and that your child receives whatever programs and services he or she needs.

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