San Diego Manslaughter Lawyer

Our San Diego criminal lawyer is experienced in handling a wide range of violent crime cases. A violent crime conviction can lead to serious consequences. If an individual is accused of committing a violent crime, we advise you to hire an experienced San Diego criminal lawyer. Some examples of common violent crimes are manslaughter, homicide, assault and battery, domestic violence, arson, illegal possession of weapons, hate crimes and attempt of murder.

Manslaughter is defined as a person killing another human being without premeditation, wickedness, or preparation; although it is considered to be a less serious offense than murder. Manslaughter can lead to years in prison whether it is voluntary, involuntary or vehicular manslaughter.  Contact your San Diego criminal attorney if you are being charged with manslaughter.

Voluntary Manslaughter: In California this offense is considered a felony, involving the deliberate attempt of killing another human being, without premeditation or planning. Voluntary manslaughter typically occurs in the heat of the moment, where a person loses the ability to think logically.